Who benefits from our online courses?

  • Kids

    Our children are innocent, trusting, and see the good in the world. Sadly predators target them precisely for these reasons. Teaching our young ones situational skills will help protect them from all kinds of predators online, at school, in college, and when they have their own kids. Personal safety training will stay with them for life.

  • Young Adults

    Most young adults are highly social beings, going out to bars, attending parties, drinking, catching Ubers, and coming home late at night. These common events provide predators with easy targets that end up as victims. By learning personal safety best practices, they can trust their gut without having to be paranoid and fearful.

  • Women

    Women all too often hesitate to trust their gut instincts or speak up when someone makes them feel uncomfortable. While they might not want to hurt someone’s feelings, it is that very behavior that enables predators to target them. Our personal safety training empowers women to act decisively so predators know they do not become their next victim.

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